I have found myself happy

I am sat here, mulling over what has become apparent to me today. For I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I don't quite know why, I have an inkling, or rather many inklings. But in between those, there is something that arrives without prior warning. Quite like a feeling of contentedness that fills what were gaps in my life; I have found myself happy. 

I look at myself when I awake, not physically, but in a mental sense. Today I found myself happy. Like this state of being arrived overnight and consumed my body. From my brow to my feet. From how I talk to myself to how I smile at others. How the problems of yesterday weigh less upon my shoulders. 

I sit here with charcoal burning in an old BBQ that a bought in France many years ago. On our first trip in a campervan outside of the U.K in fact. It is rusted and burnt from many summer evenings, but works just as well now as it ever did. 

Lauren will arrive soon, she will be happy no doubt. For we have made changes to our lives and have felt life flow like water once more. She was always happy when we were young, always with a perfect grin on her face. I can't wait to see that grin again when she arrives. 

Our van is sat with doors and windows thrown open to the world. To let the outside creep in. The smoke held on a warm breeze. The dappled light. Sounds of a peacock. Watching three lambs tearing at green green grass. 

I found myself happy today.

Sidenote - I wrote this down in a notepad this Summer just passed and stumbled upon it recently. We were staying on a campsite near to where we grew up. Shortly after returning to the UK after 3 months in Europe. On that trip, we failed to find the freedom we could usually count upon. On our return to the UK, we were faced with solving the very same problems that we had run away from. Now I read this and am filled with the same feeling of happiness. Not just at the memory, but having learnt a great deal from that time. Namely, that the act of escaping is not what had brought us happiness so many times before, rather it was the circumstances in which we left. Not the Leaving in haste with un resolved issues; but driving away slowly, with well formed plans and contented minds.


The Rolling Home Journal - issue one has arrived!

Fresh from the printers, we are proud to release the first issue of our new quarterly publication - The Rolling Home Journal. 136 pages, printed in the UK on FSC certified paper. (Cover illustration by Christian Leban)

Nearly a year ago to this date, we launched our Kickstarter campaign, and the continued support for our book has been incredible. Six months ago we started work on our next ambitious project, one that would bring together a wonderful community of writers, artists, photographers and designers. To celebrate alternative living in a thoughtful and intelligent way. In a form that we all love. Whether you are searching for Vanlife inspiration, or information on how to make money on the road. We have created a platform to discuss, curate and share, well into the future. 

Back cover photo by James Barkman

Back cover photo by James Barkman

It has been an anxious wait, and we thank all those who pre-ordered copies. These are shipping right now! If you would like to purchase you own copy, visit our online store where we offer worldwide shipping!

We would like to thank all of our contributors, without whom the Journal would not be possible.

Zach Altman - James Barkman - Filippa Edghill - Alec, Jan & Charles Forman - Oliver Grogan - William Head & Keda Hall-farrise - Brook James - Philipp Kentagens - Christian Leban - Brianna Madia - Sara Nygern & Oscar Gottfries - Alyssa Pugh & Brian Wood - Elisa Routa - Jack Richens - Alex Ulmke - Andrew Wightman - Kit Whistler -  J.R. Switchgrass - Samantha Zim

Published by The Rolling Home and Stokedeversince.

If you would like to contribute to issue two, please get in contact - info@stokedeversince.com