BODYWORK - PART 1 / by Calum Creasey

Today we finished preparing The Rolling Home for the bodywork repairs we are undertaking over the next 2 months. Thanks to the overwhelming support for our Kickstarter campaign and book, we are fixing up some serious rust issues that will keep us rolling! 

We have been living on our good friend Marcus's farm since the end of summer, renting a static caravan and enjoying the Autumn. This gave us time to finish our book and work from the small studio space we rent. Once the repair work is complete we will be heading back to Europe once more.

We started early this week by taking out all of our belongings from the cupboards, drawers and various storage compartments.  With a strange mixture of excitement and fear, we emptied the van. We had to wait for some drier weather here in the UK and this weekend we removed the kitchen, bed and side unit. 

Then the bulkhead and side panels. It was strange seeing the van empty, like a conversion in reverse. But thankfully the thing that keeps us smiling is the thought that it will be back together again soon.

(Minnie lending a hand!)

The Rolling Home stripped back and ready for work to start. We will be replacing all four wheel arches. The two front outriggers and some patches to the chassis. We will take out the windscreen and repair the frame which is leaking. The beloved interior is staying exactly the same, except for a few little repairs. We are going to be adding a 2 way compressor fridge hidden under the kitchen and a diesel heater for when we find ourselves way up in Northern Europe.

It's really a list of things we have been dreaming of doing for a while. We are looking forward to starting work and sharing it with all of those who supported us. We hope it shows you that anything is possible when starting with an empty van! We will be showing the repairs in more detail and sharing more of our plans in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We are in the UK and working until the end of February, if your nearby let us know!

C & L