We moved on to our friends farm at the end of Summer. It couldn't have come at a better time, we wanted to spend time finishing our book and have always loved spending time there. The caravan had been vacant for a number of years, but after moving our few boxes in it felt like home. I think we realised a long time ago how little space you need in life to be happy. Looking through the caravan to a large field and woods beyond, often with Marcus tearing around on his quad bike or working the land in a tractor. We have spent our morning cups of tea waving to Marcus and his family, up bright and early working on the farm. Our small studio space is 200 yards away across the farm courtyard so it has been an easy commute too.

  Packing, friends round for walks, the time we looked after binks and summer naps. 


Packing, friends round for walks, the time we looked after binks and summer naps. 

  Puppies enjoying the caravan, the 'front garden' and cosy nights of Uno.


Puppies enjoying the caravan, the 'front garden' and cosy nights of Uno.

Whilst going through our things this week, we came across this note. Lauren wrote it in her note book back in 2013. We were on a 3 month trip in Europe, parked for the night in Lovo Nature reserve in Sweden. A list of things we promised each other we would spend the future doing - I think we wrote it then as it was a time in our lives when we were incredibly happy. Much like now : )

Since the end of july last year we have lived on the farm. Seeing the seasons change, the excitement and non stop activity of harvest. Watching the combine harvester pull up and Marcus emerge after a long day. Sharing rides in the cab, up and down the fields. We have watched the new farm puppies grow up and feel like their aunts and uncles. Enjoying the last hours of summer days with our friends, all squeezing on the quad bike to watch the sunset from the back fields. People may think of England as having lost its quaintness, its love of tradition and countryside, but it is still here.

The Loake family has made us feel so welcome, and we cant thank them enough. Helping whenever we needed a hand. Even clearing some trees so that we had a better view! The caravan itself is 30 feet x 12 feet. It has a large open plan living area with seating and a kitchen. A large bedroom and a spare room. A shower and 2 toilets. Its really felt like we have been on one big holiday- which I hope we can look back and feel about our lives.

Winter - things on the farm wind down a little as the days get shorter and temperatures drop. The fields have been sown for the next years harvest. Efforts turn to fixing up machinery and buildings. We were invited to be a part of the events of the farm. Cold mornings, frozen taps and gas bottles.

Update on The Rolling Home repairs.

This week we have been removing the front wheel arches and what is left of the front door steps. We found more holes than we had hoped for but nothing that can't be saved. We removed the windscreen and side window. We are replacing the windscreen scuttle panel as this is badly corroded and had lifted the screen, causing a leak.

Progress is really good. The van looks so brutally stripped back, but rolling around with the rust eating away at it really was not safe. It will be back together soon (that's what we have to keep reminding ourselves)

Thank you to the Loake family for letting us call Dairy Farm our home these past few months. We have until the repairs to The Rolling Home are complete and we are headed back to Europe. We have our fingers crossed for the end of February....

We also have an exciting update this week regarding our book launch. If you backed our Kickstarter, we will be sending out an update to your email addresses. If you follow our Instagram or facebook we will be putting all of the details on there.

Thank you again for reading our latest blog. Remember you can still support the project by purchasing our book here.