BOOK LAUNCH & GALLERY / by Calum Creasey

Last week was a frantic one; ticking off long lists of tasks for the weekend ahead. We spent our evenings building hard wood frames (huge thanks to our friends Marcus and Will for the help!) But it was all totally worth it come Friday afternoon. With a lot of help from friends and family we managed to complete the build of our gallery space just in time. Our second edition book had arrived the day before which we were very relieved about. 


The guys from Misc Adventures, Poler Stuff UK, Beautiful and the Feast, Vicki Turner, Feist Forest and Forest and Folk arrived throughout the day. It was amazing to meet them all and see their amazing work fill the walls. Tom Guilmard and our friends from The Tempest Two were also busy preparing. Special thanks to UGLY drinks for keeping everyone happy and hydrated with the free drinks!

Photo by Misc Adventures
Photo by Misc Adventures

6pm came and went, it was great to meet everyone and share plans for future adventures. We were humbled by those who came from all over the country! The support for the book and new products was fantastic. By this time everyone was tucking into the gorgeous food being made fresh by Beautiful and the Feast.

The night ended in a great success and we could not be happier. The rest of the weekend we met loads more people passing through. The space at MK Gallery is huge and we had a lot of fun chatting and hatching plans with the other artists and brands involved.


Our 'Onwards' motorcycle project that we will be towing behind The Rolling home this summer. We had a lot of fun building this (granted it has taken 2 years of tinkering to finish)

Come Monday morning we started to pack down the gallery. We had fun driving our hire van down country lanes back to the farm. Last thing to do- Pick up the Rolling Home. Ready to go straight back into the workshop. We have around two weeks to finish the rebuild and have our fingers crossed for some nice clear spring weather!

A final thank you to everyone involved, MK gallery for letting us have the space and to all who visited the gallery.

The Second edition of The Rolling Home Book is now available on our online store. Worldwide shipping available. We will also be adding our new products to our online store throughout this week.