ONWARDS - BARBADOS / by Calum Creasey

We have decided to start a series of 'ONWARDS' photo essays on The Rolling Home blog. We hope to curate small stories and tales from our times on the road. A chance to share the times that have become truly special to us, and embody the spirit of 'ONWARDS'.

I recently travelled to Barbados to document the return of two close friends. The two friends in question had undertaken one of the toughest challenges on earth- rowing across the Atlantic Ocean unsupported; 3000 miles of open water. 

I had waved goodbye to them on December 18th 2015, in the Canary islands. 54 days later I was one of the first to welcome them back to dry land, they had completed a voyage very few others will ever experience.

Now James and Tom, would be the first to admit they are not professional athletes, rather two good friends who set out to achieve something life defining, and they did. The key to their success, as with any adventure small or ambitious, is in the preparation, determination and of course an element of luck. 

For as long as I live, I will never forgot the moment we first set eyes on James and Tom. We had chartered a small local fishing boat to take us to the North of the island, the last waypoint on their path across the Atlantic. They appeared over the crest of swell and humble as ever signalled their triumph with thumbs up and broad grins.

With a good 4 hours left of rowing ahead of them down the West coast of the island, the guys were back to the task at hand. The rest of the day was a blur of cheers and smiles. Warm hugs and hand shakes for the boys and cold beers for all of us.

I spent my down time on the island in a daze of Caribbean life. Exploring the small lanes of the East coast in my small rental car. Surfing with sea turtles on the south coast and hearing the tales of James and Toms epic voyage. One that started in the cold waters off of Pembrokeshire in Wales and ended on the other side of the Atlantic. I couldn’t think of a better place to end the first chapter of these guys epic story.

You can learn more about James & Tom and the films we shot of them here - http://www.thetempesttwo.com/