We have been incredibly humbled to bring together such a large amount of people in such a short amount of time; over 100k follower on instagram alone. Now it is important that we bring as much goodness and positivity out of this community as possible.

We are stoked to announce the launch of The Rolling home Journal. A quarterly print publication that celebrates all of the amazing people out there travelling and living in campervans or alternative homes. 


Now that we have been able to share our story, we decided to create a platform to tell yours; we have set out to document and share inspiring photos, articles, interviews and advice from the world of campervans & alternative living. Building a resource that will document and celebrate an ever growing worldwide movement. Whether you live in your van permanently, have travelled for years overlanding or aspire to own a van one day.


Quite simply we love print. We love the ability to pick up a magazine or book and read it cover to cover. Following the success of our first book - The Rolling Home, we see no better way to document our community and shared values than through a new printed publication.

The Rolling home journal will be a place to share ideas. Where we curate incredible stories and images. Showcase artwork and editorial writing and connect a community across the globe.

We are bringing together a team of writers, photographers, editors and journalists to create a publication that asks questions and delves deep into peoples experiences. We will represent the best in travel journalism and story telling as well as a valuable resource for inspiration, knowledge and advice. From keeping your van on the road to building a tiny home in the woods.



'As Vanlife and the outdoors go hand in hand, our journal will follow the seasons. For our first issue we chose the season that defines living in a van better than any; Summer'


We are going to start by filling the pages of our first issue with tales of Summers spent in campervans. From people working on finishing touches to their self conversions, to epic roadtrips and those who live in seriously wild places in their vans. We will be sharing your memories of hot days and cool nights on the road.

We have a little way to go before it is available. Issue 1 is available to pre order on August 15th, along with discounted yearly subscriptions. Issue one will ship worldwide mid/late September 2016. 


How to get involved

Of course we could not make the journal possible without your input. We want to hear your stories, see you photos and hear all about your epic adventures. If you are a photographer, filmmaker, mechanic, van owner, permanent traveler or just love the idea of travelling in a vehicle of some kind, we want to hear from you. Send us your projects, voyages, plans and stories, big or small.

For submissions contact -

For advertising and stockist enquires please contact -

To keep up to date with the latest updates and news follow @Therollinghome