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Camper vans have allowed us humans to travel the world with greater ease and comfort than ever before. Families, young lovers, solo travellers; just about anyone can find a home on four wheels. With a little imagination and ingenuity even the most dilapidated vehicle can take you to the ends of the earth and back again. To some they offer permanent homes, to others they are the perfect way to escape on the weekend. Camper vans come in many shapes and sizes. With interior s as diverse as the people that inhabit them, there is no wonder we love them so much.

From the fringes of society to the envy-inducing images on social media, how and why has vanlife become more popular than ever before? What does this tell us about our love of travel and our ideas of home? And how do camper vans encompass issues of minimalism, freedom and sustainability?

The creators of The Rolling Home Journal bring you The Culture of Vanlife, including thought-provoking essays, interviews, illustrations and photography. Learn the basics of compact interior design, follow van conversions, and lose yourself in personal accounts of inspiring road trips. Explore the culture, vehicles, people, places and future of vanlife.

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What do we do

Following the past 8 years of travelling and living in & out of our selfbuilt campervan. We are now using our publication; The Rolling Home Journal, to explore the contemporary #vanlife movement & celebrate alternative living. Encompassing sustainability, self-sufficiency and personal happiness. 

Together with our contributors we document the varied ways in which us human beings choose to live. Through essays, discussion, artwork, photography and film. You can purchase copies here.

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