The Rolling Home Journal - Issue Five

Released September 2018 - Now shipping worldwide..

164 pages (our longest yet) Printed in the UK on FSC certified paper.


The Rolling Home Journal documents stories, interviews, artwork, images, technical knowledge and advice. Helping to connect our community with a shared passion for adventure. Exploring social and personal change through alternative ways of living. For each issue we bring together a group of truly inspiring contributors from across the globe.

This fifth issue took a little longer than expected. As a result it is our most extensive yet, with a varied list of articles, essays, personal accounts and interviews. From solo hiking the Pacific crest trail to travelling in a battered old van through India and much more…

Thank you all for the support of this independent publication. 

Cover illustration by Berat Peckmezci

Contributors - 

Rachel Akerman - Emily Bennington - Holly Martin Bates & John Heaney - Dan Crockett - Kai Flögel - Charlie Forrest - Leon Foggitt - Laura Geyer & Adam Browne - Rebecca Hawkes - Will Head - Charlotte Janz - Katerina Kerouli - Körmi Körmet - Fran Labuschagne - Brittany Rouille Neumann & Drew Michael Neumann - Nika Osredkar & Mario Knapić - Anniek Reehoorn & Mattias Wieles - Sina Liliane Schubert & Carsten Konsen - Florian Sturm - Viktoria Schmidt - Claudia Vi - Yvonne Witte