The Rolling Home Journal - Issue Four

Released December 2017 - Now available.

140 pages. Printed in The UK on FSC certified paper.


The Rolling Home Journal documents stories, interviews, artwork, images, technical knowledge and advice. Helping to connect our community with a shared passion for adventure. Exploring social and personal change through alternative ways of living. For each issue we bring together a group of truly inspiring contributors from across the globe.

This fourth issue marks our first full year of publishing the Journal; what a year it has been! thank you all for the support of this independent publication. 

Issue four includes - 

Miscellaneous adventuresJay NelsonBound For NowhereBoreal Folk and many more. Cover illustration by Filippa Edghill.

Contributors - 

Zach Altman, Lindsay Berresford, Herman  Brink & Sietska Brink-Riphagen, Mackenzie Duncan, Filippa Edghill, Erin Feinblatt, Andrew and Emma Groves, Charlotte Janz, Mary Ashley Krogh, Tim Laing, Jay Nelson, Sara Nygren, Raphaelle Pascale, Matt Smith, Andrew Wightman


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